We went to acquire keys to doors in our relationship that we have lost along the way. Sethu is an advanced locksmith if you will.
She opens doors and walks you through with gentile wisdom and knowledgeable confident hand.The “locksmith” metaphor. You guessed it, I’m male. Men out there, Sethu’s mediation and conflict resolution works.
— Eran Westwood Composer, Music Producer
Working with Ms. Nair as a mediator helped to reduce the tension between myself and another board member at Sadhana: Coalition of Progressive Hindus. I was unexpectedly comfortable with her process to get both of us to talk candidly about each other. Ms. Nair has a gift and in my opinion has found her niche as a mediator working here in New York City.
— Rohan Narine Co-Founder Sadhana Coalition of Progressive Hindus
I was hitting a wall with my partner when I came to see Sethu. The level of commitment she showed, during, as well as in between sessions, allowed all kind of movements possible in that space where it had become so uncomfortable to be. She listened deeply for what was really standing in our way and gave us the courage to see further and move past it. Sethu’s approach was for me a perfect mix of fierceness and tender care - I felt safe to express myself, to explore and eventually found greater peace and deeper love in my relationship. I am forever indebted to her and the work she did for us.
— Sandrine Marlier - Model, Transformation Coach

services and workshops offered

  • Individual Conflict Coaching * Group Conflict Management Facilitation
  • Workshops and Training on Understanding, Preventing, and Resolving Conflict
  • Conflict Support Couples, Families, Communities
  • Conflict Support for Small Business Partners and Businesses
  • Generative Coaching
  • Trauma Support