Conflict is everywhere; hidden on meeting agendas in your workplace, in glances averted with your partner, deep in the wells of family relationships, among friends and community members. It is our relationship and orientation to conflict that determines our success with them.

Which one of these best define your natural response to conflict?

AccomodatingYou respond to conflict by accommodating to the needs and perspectives of others through generosity, respect, support and/or sensitivity.

Avoidant  You like to take time and make space in conflict with the hope that the situation will change and resolve on its own or will be developed naturally.

CollaboratorYou invest time, attention, energies, and like to employ resources to create dialogue and discussion and value integrating multiple viewpoints and needs to address or resolve conflict.

You focus on the facts, and prioritize speed and action in the face of conflict. You like to test ideas and advocate for the perspectives in a coflict that are most compelling.

You focus on workable solutions and respond to conflict my being flexible and neogotiating terms to resolve conflict as quickly as possible.