about sethu

My name Sethu is pronounced (say-thoo). It is a Sanskrit word meaning "bridge".

I offer intuitive and supportive Mediation, Group Facilitation, and Coaching to people seeking to mitigate personal, professional, family, and community conflict. I work with individuals, partners, and groups.

I have worked with various human rights and social justice organizations including Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict, Coalition for the Homeless, and Sakhi for South Asian Women, an organization that works to end gender-based violence, and have sensitivity and expertise on issues such as poverty, homelessness, gender-based violence, interfaith work, and conflict resolution.

Sethu is fluent in the South Asian languages Hindi and Malayalam.

training and education

New York State Certified Mediator planningchange.com

Certified Personal Coach www.leadershipthatworks.com

Certified Community Conference Facilitator www.communityconferencing.org

Certified Community Peacemaker www.courtinnovation.org/project/red-hook-community-justice-center

Masters in Economic and Political Development www.sipa.columbia.edu